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  • 4 private, one-hour classes
  • Trained on 5 Basic Commands (come, sit, place, down, heel)
  • Dog will perform all 5 commands outside, off-leash, & w/ distractions
  • Great option for an involved owner

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  • 8 one-hour classes
  • Trained on 5 Basic Commands (come, sit, place, down, heel)
  • 4 Advanced Obedience Commands
  • Great option for an involved owner

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Off Leash K9 is by far the best choice I ever made with my dog. My dog was dog aggressive, to the point where she was dragging me down hills and in to streets to get to other dogs. She would bark, growl, lunge, and make every attempt in her power to attack other dogs. It was impossible to take her anywhere or even take her for a walk. I signed up for the 8 week dog aggression program and had an amazing trainer. The results are simply amazing. My dog is now the best behaved dog anywhere we go and I feel confident taking her anywhere. She now can walk right past dogs (only 2 feet away, I’m not kidding!) and honestly pays them little to no attention. Our trainer worked with us at our own pace and helped my dog gain confidence and understand dogs are not scary.

If you are considering using Off Leash K9, DO IT! If you’re looking at the price and thinking it’s high, as someone who has completed the training I would have paid three times more if I knew I could get these results. You must work with your dog at home and invest your time for these great results, but if you can do that your life will be forever changed for the better.

Savannah S., Google Verified Review

So going to try to make a long story short. (Wish me luck)
I am a cat person that decided to be a dog person. My husband, daughter and I decided to get a sweet Silver Lab this past summer. Little did I know what I was getting in to. For as much as we loved Piper, she just was not the perfect pup we thought she would be. She bit all of us, ate everything in sight, came after us, went crazy when we took her out and saw other dogs and she went nuts!!! I could not take my puppy for a walk around the block because she was out of control. So, as I am a fixer I went searching for a solution. We wanted Piper to be a part of our family and I will tell you, the moment I spoke to OLK9, I literally knew that there was a light at the end of the tunnel! They answered all of my questions with honesty and integrity. They made me feel so comfortable and confident in my decision to send Piper to the 2 week training. I couldn’t imagine sending my cute Piper away for 2 weeks, but I also couldn’t imagine dealing with her antics much longer. True story, I considered finding a better home for Piper was possibly a better option for her! But through lots of prayer and lots of searching, we found Off Leash K9 training!!!! The team literally changed our lives with our puppy! When we first spoke, I was so worried about Piper being mad at us for sending her away. They ensured me that we would be so much closer once P was trained, and oh boy was he ever right! I loved and looked forward to his daily updates of how much progress my Piper was making! He was transforming my dog into the dream dog my family imagined. It was a long 2 weeks missing Piper, but I would not change a minute of it! I cannot thank Dirk enough and cannot be more grateful for this program. I love having a puppy that listens, is obedient, and has a love of pleasing her parents :). Thanks so much Off Leash K9 for loving what you do and training our dogs to be able to become a part of our family! You are THE best!

Rachel P., Google Verified Review

Off Leash K9 was fabulous. We took Elly our 2 year old rescue dog to their 2 week train and board.program. They were great with daily communication on Elly’s progress. Seeing daily video clips of her work was so reassuring. He was very caring and sensitive to all her needs. In 2 weeks time her behavior and politeness was amazingly transformed. I highly recommend K9 Off Leash training.

Ted P. Google Verified Review

No review could do justice to how amazing Off Leash K9's trainers are. Both of my dogs did the two week board and train, one of them being human aggressive. My dogs walk next to me nicely no matter the distractions, they come when called, they’re just the most well mannered pups you’ve seen, since they’re two weeks with off leash k9. I can walk my human aggressive pup down a busy isle in the store and my shy one has gained so much confidence. They both are happier dogs since their training and I am a happier pet owner! I was nervous dropping them off with “strangers” but I received updates everyday with pictures and videos 🙂 if you’re reading these reviews wondering if it’s worth it, IT IS. Best money ever spent.

Katt D., Google Verified Review

Thanks to OLK9 for helping me with Big Bailey boy!!! He is definitely better behaved. He is a big dog so correcting his jumping up when greeting people has definitely improved. Also he is he is responding better when called. He walks better on his leash. He definitely enjoyed his time with them and loved all the field trips. I loved seeing daily videos as he was truly missed!!!

Roxanna M., Google Verified Review

Our one and a half year-old husky just completed his off leash private lessons with Off Leash K9 today! It was a great experience! The trainers are super receptive to questions and offer great suggestions to helping you achieve your personal goals. I would highly recommend this training to anyone who’d like to give their dog the confidence and tools they need to be independent and obedient both on and off leash.

Daiana S., Google Verified Review