Marker Mastery ™

Basic Marker Mastery ™

An Introduction to Positive Reinforcement Training

This Positive Reinforcement program is designed to deepen the bond between you and your dog while equipping you with the effective training techniques essential for every dog owner. This approach rewards desired behaviors with treats, praise, clickers, etc. By marking good behavior with rewards, we encourage and reinforce that behavior. This fosters a loving and trusting relationship between the owner and their dog. We always strive to create a harmonious and positive environment for both the dog and their owner.

Effective Marker Training Techniques

Learn the secrets behind this successful training approach, teaching them to respond to markers for commands like “Come,” “Sit,” and “Place,” ensuring a well-behaved dog in any situation.

Strategies for Enhancing Focus & Control

Discover how to capture your dog’s attention and maintain their obedience in various environments, making every interaction more enjoyable and stress-free.

Building a Stronger Bond

Strengthen the connection between you and your dog through clear communication and mutual understanding, fostering a deeper, more fulfilling relationship.

Program Details

Course Highlights:

  • Foundation Training: Establish basic obedience with the “Come” and “Sit” commands.
  • Command Proficiency: Elevate your dog’s behavior management through the “Place” command.
  • Advanced Techniques: Refine heeling and treat training using the specially designed OLK9 Slip Lead.
  • Comprehensive Review: Recapitulate all commands learned and focus on enhancing distance control.

Program Structure & Preparation:

  • Duration: Four transformative training sessions, each lasting 60 minutes.
  • Fasting Requirement: Dogs attending morning sessions should fast to maintain focus during training.
  • Trainer’s Equipment: Equipped with top-notch treats and OLK9 training tools for effective training sessions.

Course Inclusions:

  • Training Tools: Receive an OLK9 Clicker, Slip Lead, and a 15-Foot Leash as part of your comprehensive course materials.

Session Breakdown:

Reserve your place in the Basic Marker Mastery™ today and embark on a transformative journey in dog training.

Marker Mastery

4 Week Program
$ 500
  • Four 1-Hour Sessions
  • Reward-Based Training Methods​
  • Introduction to "Come" and "Sit"
  • Learning the "Place" Command
  • Intro to the OLK9 Slip Lead and Loose-Leash Walking
  • 15' Leash, Clicker & Slip Lead Included!​

Benefits of our Basic Marker Mastery ™ Training

Are you ready to unlock a new dimension of communication and understanding with your dog? Imagine a world where your furry friend seamlessly responds to your cues, creating a harmonious and respectful partnership. Picture yourself entering a room, and with a simple command, your dog gracefully assumes their designated spot, radiating confidence and calmness.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this program considered "Purely Positive "?

“Purely Positive” dog training is a training method that focuses solely on positive reinforcement and rewards, without any use of punishment or correction. We prefer to use “Positive Reinforcement,” as we reinforce good behavior with praise, treats, or other positive stimuli. However, unlike “Purely Positive” training, we will address dangerous or bad behavior if necessary. If your dog likes to chase cars on busy streets, we certainly don’t want to ignore that behavior.

What's the difference between Clicker & Marker Training?

Clicker training and marker training are both forms of positive reinforcement training. Still, they differ in the specific type of “marker” used to communicate to the dog that it has performed the desired behavior. A “marker” can be a verbal cue like a “YES!” Clicker training is just what it sounds like: a clicker marks the exact moment a dog performs the desired behavior. The choice between the two often comes down to personal preference and the dog’s specific needs.

Who is this program designed for ?

This program is for any dog owner who is ready to begin their pup’s dog training journey with an early introduction to basic obedience commands. It is also perfect for dog owners who aren’t yet comfortable with e-collar training or other traditional balanced dog training methods.

What rewards are used in positive reinforcement training?

We use different training rewards for different dogs. Treats are the most commonly used reward in positive reinforcement training as they are highly motivating for most pups. But we may also use clickers, toys, verbal praise, playtime, etc.

Is there an age requirement or breed restriction?

Although there is no specific age requirement, if you have a new puppy, you should call us first so we can decide together the best time to get your puppy started.

How to I get started with this program?

Client Success Stories

satisfied customers have seen remarkable changes in their dog's behavior & composure

My trainer is knowledgeable, patient, consistent, and caring. She knew exactly how to handle my stubborn dog. I highly recommend her to anyone! My dog and I have a better relationship as a result because I am no longer exasperated with my dog anymore; I enjoy my dog now.
Christine F.
Verified Google Review
Absolutely the best dog trainers hands down. STOP searching – this is the place to get your dog trained. They offer private one-on-one lessons, the trainers are top notch and care about your needs – and most importantly the dog’s. I couldn’t be happier with the results!
Gabe G.
Verified Local Guide
I rarely leave reviews, unless the service I received is a life changing experience! I’ve only had one training session so far for the dog aggression package. My dog is very sweet and loyal to those she trust, but she is very wary of strangers and extremely stubborn. The trainer was able to gain her trust quickly and have her successfully accomplish her goal by the end of the session. I really look forward to the rest of her training!
Rachel L.
Verified Google Review
Best money that we have spent on our furry friend. The training staff was excellent and professional. If the methods of training are good enough for our military, it good enough for us. Well Done!
Don B.
Verified Google Review
It’s been almost a year since I had put both of my dogs through the Off Leash K9 Training and I can honestly say that the training was worth every penny. You do have to be consistent, and keep up with the training, but it has given my dogs so much confidence and it shows how happier they are than they were before the training. Even after all this time, I can still contact my trainer with a question, and she provides guidance. They are true professionals that care greatly for the well-being of the dogs that they train.
J Moore.
Verified Google Review
I took my English Cream Golden Retriever there. All I can say is wow. The training is first rate and the trainers really seem to love what they do. It’s a little expensive, but it’s definitely worth it.
Mike P.
Verified Yelp Review

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